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App Overview

Our Features

Your data and security is our most important service, besides providing you with the best tools possible for repairing your credit.

  • Scan Credit Data

    Scan credit data for all three bureaus instantly!

  • Easy To Use

    There is no other app on the market place as easy or as fast as ours!

  • Dispute Letter Creation

    By randomizing your dispute letter attributes your dispute letter is no longer a template.

  • Credit Dashboard

    We will track the history of your credit reports from start to finish!

  • Photo Security

    Your sensitive information is never stored on a device hard drive and is always encrypted at the highest level.

  • Fax and Mail

    We fax your letters on creation and also mail them out to ensure that your letters are delivered as soon as possible!

Why choose us?

We built Apps that really work.

We take the most direct route to removing your bad credit. Targeting bad accounts and inquiries with dispute letters is the fastest way to improve your credit scores.

  • Inquiries
  • Negative Accounts
  • All inaccuracies
  • Mail and Fax dispute letters to all three bureaus TODAY!

What we do?

We help you effectively and efficiently start to repair your credit.

By providing us with a credit report from we will examine your credit data and create your dispute letters automatically.

This is the fastest way to get bad credit removed from your credit report. Accounts and Inquiries hurt your credit the most and that is what we target first. Unlike other tools or companies we want this to be the fastest solution possible. We do not want to drag this out.

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